June 25, 2010

2 smocking dress in 3days

Like crazy my dotter bila suruh test baju....she like it very2 much...posing?mcm2 posing bule buat....tp time dh boring coz too much posing, mulalah buat hal. But this is my supermodel for Zu collection (for her age). This 2 dresses only take 2days for smock and 1 day for complete the dress(tidur lewat ckitlah ye...hehehe) Do it fast coz only just 4 days to go back to Malaya. Enjoy the pic. And i in progress to complete 15 smocking dress for Hari Raya Sale......Beli jangan x beli

June 22, 2010

Basic as a smocker dress make my trial succes when i can do this pattern very easy. Just that i never get used with that kind neck. So, make me feel that this kind of neck are very simple. But i rather like round neck....heheheh...different people different taste.....Now, I'm starting doing smocking dress for my own little dotter due to too much fabric.....(heheh...serve me right....) 

June 19, 2010

Its so easy simplicity

It's so easy. Exactly the same as the title of the pattern. Not more than 1 hour for the non-expert tailor as me to make it done. But i use pattern size 1/2 year for my just 2 years dotter. Try and error. Hope you all enjoy make this kind of clothes.

June 18, 2010

yg ni guna pattern simplicity 2907. pening ckit part collar. zu guna size 2yrs utk my dotter but really big. kena guna size 1yr baru ok...or maybe anak zu ni kecil je....

yg ni zu guna pattern new look 6688. very easy n simple n very fast. tp anak zu kurang sesuai pakai gaun one strip ni.....maybe sbb x biasa pakai gaun mcm ni.

June 16, 2010

Deco mug Ju

Deco mug yg x seberapa....yg ni je sempat snap. Yg lain dh terlepas kat tgn tuannya. Kalau buat FA kan sure lagi cantik n special...I wish i could. Insyaallah.

June 12, 2010


Its too long to post this entry title but late becoz suddenly gave those smocking dress w/out snap any of pic.
Have to wait for the mother of Shahsa to come over from Doha to Al Khor just to snap the pic. What a sporting and very understanding n very easy going customer. Kat Malaysia, job pegawai imegresen tu but very lovely heart. heheheh...its true. Dapat post 2 pic je coz battery suddenly weak. Really un sporting betul lh today. Its okay, 2 more pic will post tomorrow. tomorrow will come. Vitamin 'M' ada so, lazy to find where i put the charger. Due to unpack the box which packing for transfer to Al Khor...huh....At last , ada jugak post for little Shasha.

June 6, 2010


Enjoy lah pic yg zu copyright reserved dr blog http://affeen.blogspot.com/  .Its all about FA. Entah mcmana bule dh terjatuh cinta pulak dgn FA. Dulu giler sgt dgn deco...ni gila pulak dgn FA. Tak sabar lah nak balik Malaya ni, nak g terjah n pulun FA. Buat bekal sblm balik semula ke Qatar right after Eidul Fitri. Harap2 dpt jd student yg commitment dgn tugasan teacher FA akan berikan. heheheh...tak sabar sgt2 nih.....cantik sgt2 lah FA ni...confirm pening parents zu kat kampung balik kali ni, duduk bertapa dpn brush dgn paint lah. Dulu, duduk bertapa dgn kertas tisu yg digunting2....heheheh...apa nak buat, anak mak dan ayah ni terlalu minta dgn dunia seni craft....macam mak jugakan...not to forget semangat kental anak ayah hasil dari ayah yg mempertahankan negara di zaman komunis dulu...heheheh....Alhamdullillah..
N not to forget, beloved husband yg always no komen about my hobby. If u want to do, u do. But not to forget what u have to do first....heheheh...pesan mcm tulah..Kawan2....mmg beri semangat. Positif ke negatif ke semua kena terima. Wanie pun sekarang kat sini dh berkecimpung dlm dunia decoupage. But roses is really decoupage n FA compare to other flowers. Zana...mmm....i dont think so. Anyway n anyhow, insyaallah, FA idaman hati...kenapalah bukan D90 ye jd idaman hati...heheh

June 2, 2010

Sewing & Crafts Corner

How I wish to have a best corner like this place.(of course near my little kitchen).....Insyaallah, soon to have it at my new house in my hometown, P.Dickson. This time my house, I am the one who design n place an order. Of course the theme should be english style as my hobby since young....heheheh...Insyaallah.......just try hard n dont be hopeless....This photo taken from http://ashouldertocryon1510.blogspot.com/ who also wish to have this kind of room....