June 25, 2010

2 smocking dress in 3days

Like crazy my dotter bila suruh test baju....she like it very2 much...posing?mcm2 posing bule buat....tp time dh boring coz too much posing, mulalah buat hal. But this is my supermodel for Zu collection (for her age). This 2 dresses only take 2days for smock and 1 day for complete the dress(tidur lewat ckitlah ye...hehehe) Do it fast coz only just 4 days to go back to Malaya. Enjoy the pic. And i in progress to complete 15 smocking dress for Hari Raya Sale......Beli jangan x beli

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    mohon pautkan blog saya ni di blog akak ya.

    terima kasih