August 31, 2009


ready to make a dress....bullion not yet...
just pleat...n pleat...n pleat
Above is my smocking progress which outstanding due to last minute apartment mate n tokey tauhu send fabric to make their kids baju kurung raya....Arghhhh....then k.yati came "Zu, anak k.yati punya seluar labuhlah"...u'll understand what's the next statement....Arghhh...then last night my husband friend came about 8 person berbuka puasa at our place....Alhamdullilah....all should be done smoothly...And now i just want to share with u all my outstanding work...n hope to be done soon....Insyaallah....

August 28, 2009

Baju kurung kanak-kanak for sale (in Qatar)

 BK04 5thn Price QR60 (Given to Ipah-Nor Batman's dotter)

BK03 6thn Price QR60 (Given to K.Zi Al Haya dotter-besday)

BK02 6thn Price QR60 (SOLD)

Thanx for Dr.Nina's friend who bought this baju kurung.
BK01 6thn Price QR60 (SOLD)
Ada jugak mat saleh yg sudi beli baju kurung org melayu ni

August 24, 2009

Ramadhan Giveaway (Leave ur comment to grab this gift)

Last saturday is first Ramadhan. I planned to do this giveaway much earlier, at that is i've done it... n this for my sewing and crafting friends, n also all friends out there lets grab the giveaway.. i hope u will enjoy the not so small n not so big token from me....

3 easy ways to win Ramadhan Giveaway:
  1. just leave your comment about this post .. and don't forget to leave ur blog name/email
  2. Make a post about this giveaway in your blog and link back my blog
  3. u may enter as many comment as u want... the last date of entry is on 22nd Sept 2009, and i'll annouce it on 25th Sept

Dont miss out this giveaway...enjoy ur day

August 20, 2009


Tunggu ........Tengah nak buatlah ni.nak habiskan smocking, gown my dotter n my blouse first...heheheh.Sorry.

August 16, 2009

New item for sale

Shelf cabinet cost for QR80.

My beading work

Tahun ni tempahan jahit manik tidak semeriah tahun2 yang lepas.Migrate ke Qatar memberi peluang aku untuk mencuba artwork yang lain pula.Memang ada banyak manik yang aku bawa dari Malaysia tetapi rupa-rupanya di Doha ni juga terdapat tempat yang menjual thousand of beads,threads,needle,ribbon,felt fabric and all sew items.Alhamdullillah,should be no problem.Anyway,here attached part of my beading work.


All smocking dress above grab by Cik Siti which cost QR80/pc...altogether QR240...her own daughter display the dress..Cute girl..

August 15, 2009

Ustaz Asri (Pergimu takkan kembali) - Al fatihah

Pemimpin Rabbani,Ustaz Asri Ibrahim,40 meninggal dunia dalam perjalanan ke Pusat Perubatan Pantai(PMC),Kuala Lumpur kira-kira jam 11pagi akibat sakit jantung.Beliau pengsan jam 10.30pagi setelah kira-kira 20minit menyertai program Syahadah musim kelima di Angkasapuri.Beliau amat dikagumi dengan sifat2 yang mulia dan berjaya menimbulkan rasa insaf melalui nasyid dan zikir dari suara beliau yang amat unik.Al-fatihah.

This nasyid touch my heart very deeply.Not enough tissue brought to this.Love the people around you and show your love....becoz life is too short...

August 12, 2009

My art journey - How I got Hooked up

My arts journey actually started with beading quite unexpectedly. That was back in 2005 (just delivered the third baby)when I started learning beading from Suzy married with Mat Saleh and now migrate to California.At that time beading was not as popular and demanding as today.This was also the sweetest moment to remember when I met my smocking partner, a sweet & kind-hearted Fadhlina or Na a very talented born-artist infact.She smock a lot and painting even she told that sometime she not finish her product...And when the time beading, smocking n painting half way coz migrate here,theres a lot of difficulty and also learn sewing all pattern of clothes from Mak Lang everyday with a long distance while pregnant Haikal but thank God...i've hooked up & never looked back since then...And thanx also to Pn Ann for your lovely ribbon embroidery knowledge.I will adapt it to my creation of tote bag which i learn here in Doha with a sew addict Syidah...My sincere appreciation & thanks to my beloved family (my parents - ayah,mak,azrul,balang,mir adik n gg of course to beloved hubby & gorgeous kids), friends(Na,Ely, Suzy, Kak Muna which i bought dcpg for the first time), Kak Zue(Arab Saudi master of painting) for ur language support & to En Nurdin free IT consultation..i m zero at first.....and i m here starting my journey...

August 1, 2009

Contact and Method of Payment



Our hands are full now & will not taking custom orders now until further notice. Our shop will be closed and we shall open again ASAP. We thank you for all the support given


  1. Smocking Dress
  2. Girls Gown
  3. Felt Craft
  4. Baju kurung
  5. Baju Melayu
  6. Blouse
  7. Tudung Sulam Bunga
  8. Tote bag