August 12, 2009

My art journey - How I got Hooked up

My arts journey actually started with beading quite unexpectedly. That was back in 2005 (just delivered the third baby)when I started learning beading from Suzy married with Mat Saleh and now migrate to California.At that time beading was not as popular and demanding as today.This was also the sweetest moment to remember when I met my smocking partner, a sweet & kind-hearted Fadhlina or Na a very talented born-artist infact.She smock a lot and painting even she told that sometime she not finish her product...And when the time beading, smocking n painting half way coz migrate here,theres a lot of difficulty and also learn sewing all pattern of clothes from Mak Lang everyday with a long distance while pregnant Haikal but thank God...i've hooked up & never looked back since then...And thanx also to Pn Ann for your lovely ribbon embroidery knowledge.I will adapt it to my creation of tote bag which i learn here in Doha with a sew addict Syidah...My sincere appreciation & thanks to my beloved family (my parents - ayah,mak,azrul,balang,mir adik n gg of course to beloved hubby & gorgeous kids), friends(Na,Ely, Suzy, Kak Muna which i bought dcpg for the first time), Kak Zue(Arab Saudi master of painting) for ur language support & to En Nurdin free IT consultation..i m zero at first.....and i m here starting my journey...

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