November 30, 2009

Gift for Mar Che Wan & Peah Sabar

I finally finished (mostly) my project smocking dress. Again!! I’m love almost everything about this project. It has a few faults, sure, but I’m so excited for it. I have a couple things left to do, before I can actually say I’m finished. The three big ones are: finishing the dress hem, buttonholes on the behind dress n the big ones is to make a bullion at all dress (I tried but couldn’t get them work all at once). But that will not stop me for doing another lovely instant project. Be quick. I tried hard to decoupage two those things for beloved Mar n Peah as a gift for Mar leaving Merqab to Al Khor n Peah for leaving Qatar to stay for good in Malaysia. But is it possible this two things will complete within 5days???Help me Affeen n Razna!!

November 7, 2009

Birthday girl Husna

I know it’s been another while since my last update, but I’ve actually been sewing the past couple weeks for the smocking dress. Of course what else.... Finally i catched this little Husna (Mar Che Wan's daughter)with the smocking dress for her last birthday just in front my door. So what am i waiting for? Grab her so that she cant get away n snap a pic of her.