November 30, 2009

Gift for Mar Che Wan & Peah Sabar

I finally finished (mostly) my project smocking dress. Again!! I’m love almost everything about this project. It has a few faults, sure, but I’m so excited for it. I have a couple things left to do, before I can actually say I’m finished. The three big ones are: finishing the dress hem, buttonholes on the behind dress n the big ones is to make a bullion at all dress (I tried but couldn’t get them work all at once). But that will not stop me for doing another lovely instant project. Be quick. I tried hard to decoupage two those things for beloved Mar n Peah as a gift for Mar leaving Merqab to Al Khor n Peah for leaving Qatar to stay for good in Malaysia. But is it possible this two things will complete within 5days???Help me Affeen n Razna!!


  1. Assalamualaikum Zu...boleh tu..5 hari tu lama..kalau mengadap..1-2 jam dah siap kan..yg penting ada idea..
    standby hair dryer kat sebelah je (lepas tu stand by bil letrik cukuo bulan..(tension je!salah sendiri..he..he..))

  2. Na, itulh psl kena mengadap....idea pulak ciput.takpe harini dh putih dh...tgklh mcmana hasilnya...hehehe....