June 22, 2010

Basic as a smocker dress make my trial succes when i can do this pattern very easy. Just that i never get used with that kind neck. So, make me feel that this kind of neck are very simple. But i rather like round neck....heheheh...different people different taste.....Now, I'm starting doing smocking dress for my own little dotter due to too much fabric.....(heheh...serve me right....) 

1 comment:

  1. ZU, ms kat SA pun na giler ngan simplicity..byk juga yg dah cuba dress 4 sofea, kemeja 4 akim n hb cantik tau kemeja ni puas hati cam yg beli kat kedai, pyjamas 4 hb n the kids..utk na sendiri penah cuba blouse yg leher dia cam dress zu jait tu petak! heheh mmg susah..enjoy ur simplicity!