June 2, 2010

Sewing & Crafts Corner

How I wish to have a best corner like this place.(of course near my little kitchen).....Insyaallah, soon to have it at my new house in my hometown, P.Dickson. This time my house, I am the one who design n place an order. Of course the theme should be english style as my hobby since young....heheheh...Insyaallah.......just try hard n dont be hopeless....This photo taken from http://ashouldertocryon1510.blogspot.com/ who also wish to have this kind of room....


  1. Wah, klu la kita bleh dpt tmpat kerja secantik ini kan? cfm menjahit 24 jam. cantik sgt!!!

  2. mudah2an impian kak zu menjadi nyata...amin..amin