February 17, 2011

International Day 17th Feb 2011

The flag is bigger than the flag holder....hahahah....International Day 2011 of AKIS is happening n enjoy. No book bags, no lesson, no nothing about study....all is about enjoy the day of the international day of all the country. No matter Qatari, Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippines, Aussie, New Zealand, England, USA, UK, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Great Britain, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Pakistan, India, Japanese, Korean, South Africa or wherever...they all wearing their own country costume.....Its really hapening. Feels like i want to put all over the photos here but just keep it.
Chiaki, the one and only Japanese LA. 

Awfi, my dotter is participate in show for England. With the classmate. Actually its from production day.

Its from Malaysian student. Dikir Puteri conduct by Mrs Fauzana & Mrs Roslina. Not bad, we know how tried they are. Good job.

In Qatar pun ada dragon dance ke???that's create by the British teacher, could be from production day.

Fresh lagi, early in the morning....while they waiting for entering the class. Looks gorgeous with all of the kids are wearing their own country costume. 
With my class teacher and the kids....Ms Donaldson looks like kid too as she looks younger than her age....

New Zealand stall. As Malaysian also have stall but i aint have enough time to click photos n go around as i have 12kids in my class that i have to take care off with my teacher. Malaysian have so many kind of food that i really taste lemang n rendang which i really missed it so much.

For all over the day, its really exciting n really a sweet memories of me, which i m not sure whether i could spend the next international day 2012. But for sure, it will have big event after this which called Malaysian Cultural Night 2011, this coming March.....arghhhhh..

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