December 26, 2010

Wajah baru

I've been quite busy finishing and conducting my customer order. My time does fly faster than it used to be, at least that's what I've been feeling lately.And the school holiday is coming to the end. Means I have to make a very nice n good plan of my day on how to manage without ignoring my beautiful hobby n sewing girls dress (or maybe the adult blouse)......:) and not to forget my love in creating FA and english deco.

Below are some of my photos that recently taken after set up again my cottage. And will update n update so on.
 Perhaps i have to more massage my husband to change white sofe (b4 he wants to buy white but i'm keep on wondering why i dont want that white at that time so....serve me right..hahah..padan muka). While i've booking white dining table and waiting green light from husband to let go the high square dining table....:)

December 22, 2010

Look!.....What I found in Dubai!!!

It was indeed a very pleasant start to the school holiday day when Zu & family fly to Dubai with FlyDubai (at Mesia exactly like AirAsia low cost) arrive Dubai just in 30minit. And I really hope that it turns out well. At first really blank if only just wanna see the tallest tower in the world or Burj Khalifa or Pam Jumeirah or snowing ski (i've skiing once)at Emirates Mall or Aquaria n dancing fountain at Dubai Mall or Gold Souq which gold seller or Madinat Jumeirat known as Souq Madinat (modern Souq) n so on many exciting places becoz all keep on talking 'bout branded handbag n cheaper abaya.....hehehe...but all those is not me.  So, like usual just follow wherever the daddy goes. My husband brought me at the wrong place at the right time...hahahah. Tengok je those foto...hehehe...I like it. Its Dragon Mall.

Tengok tak rak kabinet putih tu.....kalau naik kete memang lama dah rembat. Apa nak buat, tunggu pegi sekali lagi naik kete dlm 4jam. Harga pun jauh lebih murah compare dgn Mesia. Boleh dikatakan 50% or 60% less than Mesia price.Yg sebelah ni, yg paling byk Zu rembat floor mat lah...heheh...alas sofa, runner, sarung tisu, beg kecil n cadar king size just only cheap...think so.
Owner kedai ltk mcmni at the main route, actually kedai dia kat dlm so kena celah2 dlm baru jumpa kedai dia n kat situlah the whole thing ada. Ada byk kedai lagi so kena cari n belek n rajin masuk kat celah2 kedai.
Haaaa....yg ni kedai yg jual serba brg yg selalu kita tgk kat dlm blog jual brg english style. Jam two sided, table clock n all kind of clock. Bench, rack bunga rose, letter holder, cutlery holder n pasu or whatever. Kedai ni Zu beli table clockyg simple je coz two sided n table clock yg putih Zu dh ada beli dgn K.jun

Compare to recently went to Vietnam n Jakarta, i like Dubai the most coz relaxing while shopping. About food, wherever we go is just the same....nama pun negara orang kenalah makan their kind of food. Kalau nk mkn nasi dagang, better g melancong ke Terengganu lah...hahahahah....If talk about culture, Dubai has no more Arab culture...more to western. Better stay in Qatar rather than Dubai if for me.
For conclusion, I like Dubai, pengubat rindu english concept items which a lot sold in Malaysia. Perhaps becoz of going by flight I cant buy too much things but maybe as a reminder for me to always remember in buying n use of money coz there's a lot of things to fulfill.
Maybe, Abu Dhabi will be the next location utk diterjah. To see Ferrari World Circuit. Insyaallah....husband told me. Grab the chance while staying in area Arab country.

December 6, 2010

Mrs Zuraini......Al Khor International School, Qatar

1st & 2nd week as a LA at 1 JUD (Hedgehog Class), Mrs Donaldson class make me very happy and a lots of fun. Preparation for replacement of Mrs Siti who will having a long journey in the ship....could be. Hopefully. Thank you so much n very much appreciated to Siti n K.Ina who try hard to give full belief in me n make me something n i will not let go this opportunity. I hope this would be longlast. 
It was quite a pleasant surprise therefore, when I  received  a call from K.Ina of LA Year 2 AKIS .  " Zu, kamu nak tak cover kelas Siti sbb Pinoy yg sepatutnya cover tu tak boleh datang?"
After the initial dumbstruck silence and euphoria, then I say "nak lah"...that was the keramat conversation between me n K.Ina while i still sleeping in the morning.
God bless both of you, Siti & K.Ina for your kindness.