December 6, 2010

Mrs Zuraini......Al Khor International School, Qatar

1st & 2nd week as a LA at 1 JUD (Hedgehog Class), Mrs Donaldson class make me very happy and a lots of fun. Preparation for replacement of Mrs Siti who will having a long journey in the ship....could be. Hopefully. Thank you so much n very much appreciated to Siti n K.Ina who try hard to give full belief in me n make me something n i will not let go this opportunity. I hope this would be longlast. 
It was quite a pleasant surprise therefore, when I  received  a call from K.Ina of LA Year 2 AKIS .  " Zu, kamu nak tak cover kelas Siti sbb Pinoy yg sepatutnya cover tu tak boleh datang?"
After the initial dumbstruck silence and euphoria, then I say "nak lah"...that was the keramat conversation between me n K.Ina while i still sleeping in the morning.
God bless both of you, Siti & K.Ina for your kindness.


  1. Tahniah Zu....smg dapat membantu anak2 malaysia...

    1. thanx....bukan anak msia aje....all of the student deserve it.Tapi masuk Year 6 lebih byk mendekati anak2