December 26, 2010

Wajah baru

I've been quite busy finishing and conducting my customer order. My time does fly faster than it used to be, at least that's what I've been feeling lately.And the school holiday is coming to the end. Means I have to make a very nice n good plan of my day on how to manage without ignoring my beautiful hobby n sewing girls dress (or maybe the adult blouse)......:) and not to forget my love in creating FA and english deco.

Below are some of my photos that recently taken after set up again my cottage. And will update n update so on.
 Perhaps i have to more massage my husband to change white sofe (b4 he wants to buy white but i'm keep on wondering why i dont want that white at that time so....serve me right..hahah..padan muka). While i've booking white dining table and waiting green light from husband to let go the high square dining table....:)


  1. hi Zu...

    home sweet home...i'm love it!

  2. kak zu, cantik rumah kak zu.. sejuk je tgk.. kak zu ape kba?