September 3, 2010

Chocolate Class Ida Bakery

Going out early at 6am after sahur just only to go Pn Ida Bakery at kondo gurney height is really worth it. Chocolate class is the last class i've plan to attend while i'm in Qatar.(even actually faux cake is one of my choice besides chocolate).  Arrived by ERL from Putrajaya and LRT to Datuk Keramat at 8.30am makes my class finished early at 11am. Very important to take note the tempered technics for converture and compound chocolate. That is very basic. Tak faham can calling2 Pn Ida who is very sporting, calm and easy going. I've planed to make chocolate hantaran and doorgift for my youngest wedding next year. Insyaallah.......Alhamdullillah, syukur dimudahkan untuk menerima ilmu mu ya Allah!.
On the way back to from chocolate class, dropped at Masjid Jamek n grab 10 colours of lycra fabric to make tudung.....that is my character i really cant stop it....heheheh....(looks colour tudung for school and sport  for my dotter lah!)

Really delicious is it the chocolate looks like!!!!For sure the taste even better.

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