August 28, 2010

My Folkart Project

Finally, berjaya juga aku attend FA class after 50-50 either going or not.(coz time is very limited due to 5th hari raya going back to beloved hubby in Qatar).And that is just after   give some idea n support to courage me to go to Mrs Lakshmi class in Shah Alam. Mrs Lakshmi  who also consult on how I can learn FA shortly while I have to travel far from Port Dickson to Shah Alam. She told me to have 2session in 1 day means I have 4 project in 2 days. Really hetic when comes to roses..Alhamdullillah, Allah permudahkan, lebih2 lagi di bulan Ramadhan. At the same time, while going to 1st day class, my friend Fadhlina who also folkart lover sms me to courage to learn FA. And that strengthen my spirit to go FA class. Thank God I have a very truly friends. Here are two picture of my project. And get to know my FA teacher, Mrs Lakshmi. She is very OK like Affeen told me and very helpful. For fresh student and comes from zero, I have to spend almost RM1000 to buy things and fees. Worth it or not, is different story, the most important thing is i'm satisfied and wont feel regret when flying back to Qatar. Thank you very much, Affeen, Mrs Lakhmsi and Fadhlina Dungun.

Now is just waiting to attend chocolate class with Ida Bakery, at Jalan Gurney. Its the only one left my activity to make it done.It just only 4 hours. Can I make it????Nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih.


  1. salam zu..Tahniah..berjaya jugak attend kelas FA..wish u all the best!

  2. Salam ramadhan kak zu..lama tak ziarah sini..
    tahniah kak sgt best aktiviti akak..pasni belajar coklat pulak..yg tu pon best :)cayokcayok kak..

  3. salam kak zu...
    nanti leh wat kelas kat qatar lak....