September 30, 2009

Hari Raya item

(This 'backdated version' is supposed to be posted before my open house but not too open last Saturday 26th of Sept but due to time constraint-as I was busy preparing food for openhouse & totally involved in complete customer item - it has been already in the draft for quite some time.. anyway...just feel like publishing it now..better late than never, right??)

Last minute plan to do so, even my friend say not to do so because i have so many outstanding work, but i still want to do so. Here it is, even not as nice as affeen and razna i still want to do so.

September 28, 2009

Shelf cabinet (pre booked considered SOLD)

Back to my decoupage task...Hmm..Here's some of my lovely customer white cabinet(just can't have enough when it comes to decoupage products, they just simply irresistible, especially those with already in white!!) which she bought raw from the Rawnaq, Doha...meaning they came unfinished(I think they look just gorgeous even unfinished), so I have to use all my idea & painting skills(aka 'magical touch'*wink*) to make them more presentable like adding royal london roses serviette & big of roses for dispaly as well.....Even with some limitation(s), I managed to complete some of these decoupage projects - Luckily my freind bring along with few other boxes of deco items which I bought from Malaysia).
To make everybody feel good, i stick to one to settle all my outstanding work.
Alhamdullillah, segala yg baik dan elok itu datang hanya dr Allah s.w.t dan segala yang buruk dan cela itu datang dari saya, hamba Allah yg serba kekurangan. Thousand apologizes.

September 22, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Thank you for all the best wishes you all wished me for Ramadhan n Eidul fitri. I really appreciated and really touched by all the thoughts for me. All the participants, thank you so much n for ur supportive.
Here I list the names who entered this draw. All the comment in that post I considered it as joined this giveaway. (some of you has been entered 2 times and either 3times). But the most important for me, i have a lot of freinds, a lot

of opinion, a lot of ideas n a lot of everything

Really hard to choose a winner coz there should be 2 winner for in Qatar n out of Qatar so i use

Out of Qatar

  1. Norhafina Liza
  2. razna-creation
  3. kakngah
  4. Suzi
  5. ainaa
  6. mummyseri
  7. isha
  8. maklangazie
  9. Ayu
  10. kak ina kl
  11. asmieyra
  12. princess
  13. k.yah/
  14. De'sal
  15. posh76
  16. posh76
  17. posh76
  18. T.H
  19. nEa FleriDa
  20. MummyMyra
  21. Zai Aziz
  22. Eryati
  23. Eryati
  24. isha
  25. "my heart"- abieyazali
  26. kakyong
  27. Atiqah
  28. ida
  29. Atiqah
  30. wardah
  31. zalsha
  32. zaikulim
  33. sitisifir10
  34. zaikulim
  35. mama Zharfan
  36. mama Zharfan

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In Qatar

  1. Yus
  2. nojie76
  3. peah

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So the winner goes to no.26 (out of qatar). It is kakyong

and no.2 (in Qatar). It is nojie76
Congratulations to the winner....and thanx a lot to the participate...

September 15, 2009

Eidul Fitri

Kad raya ni special dedicated to my family in P.Dickson n in law in Dungun, all friends out there yang sudi mengunjungi blog ini. Kata2 semangat...make this blog become priority n also part of my life. To the crafter n friends blogger, i really appreciate that. To my customer whether online or outline thank you so much kerana sudi berurusan dengan Zu Art Creation. Maaf atas segala kesilapan sepanjang kita berurusan. Background pelita teringat kat rumah mak P.Dickson mesti terang benderang dgn pelita tujuh likur. Tahun ni raya kat Qatar lah, takpe...biasa dah raya tempat orang. I m get used of it.


Kad Raya

September 14, 2009

Bishop Pattern (Nostalgia)

Made from Trengganu silk. Need only 1m.

Made from cotton japan. Forgot what issue this pattern.
Good night, sleep tight pattern issu 85.

Also from trengganu silk. Less than 1m.

Evangeline pattern issue 50.

The Cinnamon pattern...again forgot what issue.
Specially made for hari raya last raya.

The Golden harvest pattern...
This dress come back me to the first time i learn n know smocking. Not bad huh.

Look at that. Cannot make for one, should make for the whole girls in my big family...
Thank God...Alhamdullillah dikurniakan dgn anak saudara ppuan yg ramai n given this valuable knowledge to make them all happy.

September 11, 2009

Baju kurung & baju melayu Raya siap dahhh!!!

Quite busy all day as a fulltime working lady as a tailor n crafter to make done all my sweet customer order....Alhamdullillah its done and now its time to touch up all my kids clothes (coz last raya i couldnt have time to put even beads at my daughter baju kurung, really busy).

September 6, 2009

Felt Fabric

Alhamdullillah, i've found it. Should be no prob to start crafting over here whichever its easier to find felt in Qatar. There she go, i bought 2m straight away.Isnt it lovely???? Thank u so much for my lovely visitors around the world and truely friends and crafter .. i havent do much crafting recently.. been busy for so many things... however I try to make one felt craft everyday....Are you sure Zu????....Insyaallah....
My friend crafter, i want to have an entry for my friend crafts ...seems that i havent done yet my felt crafting yet..but i'm glad and happy to see who had done those!Leave ur comment n i'll post ur crafting at my blog.
Everytime searching, blog hopping, blogging with friends, replying all ur emails, and always enjoying my time browsing through all ur crafting! really amazing!!..all of my friends came out with brilliant ideas n born to be a crafter!! which sometime i couldnt imagine to do so!

September 3, 2009

Cushion Cover (Available in Msia)

CC02 RM35 (available 2)
Kain baldu n organza + heavy manik & sequin 2 SOLD
CC01 RM35
Kain baldu n organza + heavy manik & sequin

Thanx to Syud who grab all the items to use for alas hantaran

Above items sama dengan tissue cover.It comes from Qatar.Jika berminat.....segera dapatkannya!!!!!

Tissue Cover (Available in Msia)

TC05 RM30 (SOLD)
Kain baldu + ribbon embroidery

TC04 RM30 (SOLD1 available 1)
Kain crossticth + ribbon embroidery

TC03 Rm30 (SOLD)
Kain baldu n organza + heavy manik & labuci

TC02 RM30 (SOLD 1 available 1)
Kain baldu n organza + heavy manik & sequin

TC01 RM30 (SOLD)
Kain saprah + ribbon embroidery

Above item, comes from Qatar but now available in Malaysia......Sedia dipakai di Hari Raya nanti....