September 28, 2009

Shelf cabinet (pre booked considered SOLD)

Back to my decoupage task...Hmm..Here's some of my lovely customer white cabinet(just can't have enough when it comes to decoupage products, they just simply irresistible, especially those with already in white!!) which she bought raw from the Rawnaq, Doha...meaning they came unfinished(I think they look just gorgeous even unfinished), so I have to use all my idea & painting skills(aka 'magical touch'*wink*) to make them more presentable like adding royal london roses serviette & big of roses for dispaly as well.....Even with some limitation(s), I managed to complete some of these decoupage projects - Luckily my freind bring along with few other boxes of deco items which I bought from Malaysia).
To make everybody feel good, i stick to one to settle all my outstanding work.
Alhamdullillah, segala yg baik dan elok itu datang hanya dr Allah s.w.t dan segala yang buruk dan cela itu datang dari saya, hamba Allah yg serba kekurangan. Thousand apologizes.