September 6, 2009

Felt Fabric

Alhamdullillah, i've found it. Should be no prob to start crafting over here whichever its easier to find felt in Qatar. There she go, i bought 2m straight away.Isnt it lovely???? Thank u so much for my lovely visitors around the world and truely friends and crafter .. i havent do much crafting recently.. been busy for so many things... however I try to make one felt craft everyday....Are you sure Zu????....Insyaallah....
My friend crafter, i want to have an entry for my friend crafts ...seems that i havent done yet my felt crafting yet..but i'm glad and happy to see who had done those!Leave ur comment n i'll post ur crafting at my blog.
Everytime searching, blog hopping, blogging with friends, replying all ur emails, and always enjoying my time browsing through all ur crafting! really amazing!!..all of my friends came out with brilliant ideas n born to be a crafter!! which sometime i couldnt imagine to do so!


  1. good luck with your felt craft! seronoknya dapat kain2 felt tu kan.. macam2 boleh buat

  2. wow..i wish i have the magic hands to turn that 'felt' into something...

  3. wah, senang ye nk beli felts kat sane.. huhu. anyway, sye pun baru je berjinak2 dgn felts. senang2 visit me ye. bole tukar2 idea =)