May 19, 2011

New Class, New Teacher n New Students

Being upgraded from Year 1 to Year 6 really bring me drastic changes. Which is really big different.
For those who like more in research or some sort of reading and calculating (like me) would be much more better in Middle School. 
Year 1JUD small kids, i really miss them so much. Year 6JW kids more fun n treat as a friend. And much more better is i have a very nice n very understanding teacher which i think i am very lucky to have him as a teacher. It is Mr. Joseph Watson. Funny man n sometimes serious n very hardworking. 
Same goes to my former teacher Miss Julie Donaldson which is also very understanding. 
Aishah n Sofea

Above is 3 of malaysian student which is friendly. All of them are friendly too more than we expected.

Khalis & Fathullah

Above they are doing research for their Fit for Life theme for their next 2 weeks project by using Microsoft Office Publisher(which i'm not even using it even at once). Its Khalis (I used to call him Khalish....sorry) and Fathullah, Looks like they all are very serious in doing their work, actually they are pretending to take a photo.....hahahahahah.......


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