January 30, 2011

My favourite team Japan.....won final Asian Cup

Perfect first timer kick from Tadanari Lee....speechless. Marvelous n great kick from him even not more than half an hour play the game....Japan is tricky n intelligence. The goalkeeper is perfect. A wonderful n nice memory as for me first time watch Final World match (Asian Cup) and my favourite team Japan won n goal the ball just in front of my seat view. Its wonderful memory. Eventhough having a problem entering the stadium at first but finally we got special seat at second half time. Alhamdullillah....... Im not fan of football as i dont like much sports but if have, I will support Japan, Korea or China. Why? Maybe becoz its fact that their country is an advance......or becoz i've been there once before or my brother is in Japan or whatever....could be any reason.......

Went home, I'm still watching the match final even almost 12mid night n tomorrow will have a class but the excited of it make me turn the other way round.......

After coming back from school, Im still watching n turn on the football channel for the special of the final. Makes my husband laugh n wondering for what happenned to me.

Next coming 4 year will be Australia the host of Asian Cup.....For sure i will not going there just to watch final Asian Cup, thats why this final Asian Cup in Qatar will be my sweet memories as my favourite team Japan since won the match.  

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  1. same with you!!
    watashi wa nihon ga daisuki desu <33
    super cool!!