May 7, 2010

Deco in red theme....

Yup..I've been neglecting this blog for the past few months for decopage posting...well who could deny the fact that 'Sew'ing has become part of my lifestyle now..haha...anyway I would still luv to share some of my photos which have been under the 'draft status' for as long as 1months.....I've made them short & simple this time..

I managed to deco this 'teko Mekah' just on time b4 i go back to Malaya soon for Eda Kamal Benu. I tried to make the teko reddish as red as Eda house whose in red & black theme...haha...soo cute!! The plaque which bought those from Rawnaq who belong to Eda & K.Yati also just wait for the wording....Am I creative in handwriting???And also the 'senduk' who belong to Deana...sorry its too late...Luckily im not using it for my cooking time.

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