October 16, 2009

Still pending

I know I have been quiet. Quiet doesn't mean I am hibernating ....hehehe. There are some which I have sewn for some readers and not published. Will do it sometime soon. As usual vitamin M has crept into me. Sorry for those who still left pending order. I cant get out of it to those smocking dress progress. The last time I did, my smocking dress went places, the furthest it went was USA. Thanx to Zana Remboe who try harder to help me out to stitch bishop dress. Alhamdullillah. For orders who still not done theirs, will update soon n will be back to yours after finish smocking dress. Hope dont mind. Sorry to tote bag K.zi Amir and tudung sulam benang Ina Klot. If I have more time, another pair of hands, perhaps I could meet your request ASAP. For the time being I am shorthanded and I have some deadlines to meet. I'll meet ur orders right away after done mine and sorry again.

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