April 29, 2011


Qistina punya
close up

April 22, 2011

Pre-order pinkish

Pre-order pinkish Zu Collection
 all size 1yr - 5yrs old. 
available in purple
& blue
and as per request.
Also embroidery for ur little kids name.
RM25 only

April 15, 2011

Dress 3762but.....

Anak saudara Yanti yg punya....I'm really satisfied coz 2nd time use my embroidery machine n Yanti really like it. You know what,,,,,,there is 4 more to go for Yanti.......

April 13, 2011


Hooray!!!!Semua outstanding work dh settle......only left new customer order such as Yanti's gown dress & 3smocking dress and Zah one smocking dress.....oh dear, i forgot signage welcome by Nani.....

anyhow, i can say hip hip hooray....

April 7, 2011

Besday AKIS 2011

Batman & Farmer

Today is our besday of our new school building. So, they all need to wear costume. Whatever kind of character in movies or traditional tales.....That's why there is so many kind of costume. There are Batman, Farmer, Magician, Witch, Cindrallela, Pirate, Penguin, Robot, Superman, King and whatever.

May, Mrs Simon, Maya, Reshmi, Jane & Mrs Madine.

We are preparing to serve the all kind of food from so many country which are brought from the kids to share together. There are cakes, a lot of cakes, cookies, chips, and a lot of food.

Iqbal (Penguin), Safwan & Adil(Trojan)

Some of the Year 1 teachers to make a fashion show

Mrs Chandler as a Cindrellela, followed by the 3 witch and so on.

Jo Marshall as a witch

 Haikal with my class teacher, Julie as Haikal teacher have early leave went to vacation to Paris.

Haikal memang saja je suruh pakai baju Melayu dgn sampin n songkok...coz kalau teacher tanya, he will say this is costume for 'Hang Tuah'....Malay tradition  movie or tales....

Lovely to have a costume day.....really enjoy and fun.....Do we have like that in Malaysia? What an experience to have it here...

Japan Aid Day, AKIS, Qatar

Aiman, Mansor, Haikal & Farhan

Haikal with some of the classmate......wearing a colour of Japan flag, red and white. So do I. And all the teachers....and all the staff.
K.Ina, Cik Na Din & myself 

Sebelum balik sekolah pukul 1.05tghari, baru sempat nk posing. After solat Isyak buat pattern n potong kain, 12 o'clock at night then finish my red skirt....means 2 red skirt.....

My class teacher, Julie

All the kids enjoy the as we are not wearing our school uniform. Its really fun.