March 18, 2011 work

 Tudung2 si Aishah Madi

Banyaknya outstanding work yg perlu disettlekan tp x settle2 jugak. Mcmana nk plan ye??? Bukan plan or masa yg takde.....coz masa x menunggu kita...wasting so many times for trivial things. Tapi sikap malas n suka bertangguh membuatkan outstanding work bertambah byk....
 Blouse anak K.Ina...berkurun lama

From now on, be yourself n dont mix around with people who have so so so many problems n always create problems......if not you'll get it too......influence of it.

 Almari hikmat....dalam ni serba serbi ada...kain skirt anak Yati Rizal ada, tudung hitam wife Jamal, jilbab k.Sham Moped, tudung Deana, baju anak Ju Aslim, baju smock which is done n yet to be stitch, jubah n gaun my dotter  segala macam jenis khazanak yg tertangguh....

 Antara paper2 sekolah my kids yg tak terfail kan.......ini baru sikit belum tengok lagi yg dlm drawer....waiting to be filing.....

 Yang ni paling lama tak berembroidery.....memang berkurun lama....since baru je arrived in Qatar. Entah bila kain2 tudung bawal ni akan jadi seperti di bawah......

Entah bila akan siap.....sampai bila akan ada outstanding work...mungkin hingga ke akhir hayat....

Still tak ber FA....still white n remain white....bila agaknya nak siap welcome plaque Nani Leo?


March 10, 2011

Malaysian Night AKIS 2011, Qatar

Asmaradana Team

Last night Thursday the 10th its a Malaysia Night AKIS 2011 from ECA Malaysian Club at Sports Hall AKIS which is fully conduct by Mrs Fauzana, Bahasa teacher from AKIS . Actually, as the event started as early as 6.30pm, It have been be just as much a Qatar afternoon and early evening. Served with a one-off opportunity to sample food from 3 different Malaysian race. From Malay indigenous food, Chinese cuisine and Indian dishes. And a very special Malaysian stage performances including music from a Sarawak dance, It’s a family-friendly show. 
Mrs. fauzana

The event included multiple small performances into a bigger story called “Tentang Kita". The show is written by Afiq and performed by Mrs Fauzana and ECA AKIS students. Athirah, Winnie, Muhaimin, Afiq, Farish, Daniel, Farhan and Dhora were part of the crew performing last night. The story line was not bad and the characters definitely played their parts extremely well. And the all dancers seem are very good enough.
K.Noor, fathah, Wani, Mrs Roslina n some of the dancers.

Other traditional performances include “Ulik mayang,” a group of traditionally all-male "pesilat gayung", a traditional Sarawak dance, Lotus(Chinese dance), Bolicudiyan (Indian dance which crowd clap hands), Puteri Santubong, Dikir Puteri, Zapin and the most i like the most is Asmaradana dance (for sure becoz i'm a choreographer.....hahahah....piiirahhhh!!!)

Above picture is some of the trainers and volunteers who involved in Malaysian Night. Big clap and hats off to K.Noor Pokza, Fathah, Liza Jasmin, Cik Wani QG and mothers of Sarawak n Sabah students who involved in Malaysian Night preparation. Without them, it would be harder n slower the journey of the making of Malaysian Night.
 Last call from boarding.

The most important person to make the Malaysian Night AKIS n director of "Tentang Kita" success is Mrs Fauzana. Not to forget pesilat gayung  from N.Sembilan, Mr Faizal, dance consultant Mrs. Roslina, Indian dance, Mrs. Seri. And also to art student who helps much in drawing. Alex n the crew which is student AKIS wholly controlled the audio system n lighting. 

Whatever, looks like Malaysian Night AKIS 2011 bring me sweet memory n experience which we couldnt get it anywhere. What a lucky am I to be here in Qatar. N for me it fully success n had reached the target. Congratulation to all who involved in Malaysian Night AKIS 2011 'Tentang Kita'.......

 Pesilat are get ready to be a Hang Tuah n the 4 Hang which are Kiran, Amar, Mahfuz, Haziq n the brother of Daniel.(I've forgot the name...its late at night)

 Rehearsal the day b4. Sing a 1 Malaysia song from all the participants who involved in the making of Tentang Kita.

March 5, 2011

happy birthday Julie!!

Happy birtday Julie!! 
My class teacher. Same date as my daughter Awfi 27th Feb.......Not expensive gift but only my own artwork. At times like these, I'm so glad that I learned how to paint.  One of the many benefits of decorative painting................... to be able to create a piece of art anytime. ...................................what else can I say?