October 28, 2010

Hasil FA fresh student

Hasil FA Zu sendiri......Pasu tu asalnya lesung batu...nama je lesung batu tapi lesung plastik....
susah nak jumpa lesung batu kat Qatar ni. Majority bawa dr Malaya.....

October 24, 2010

Smocking Dress Husna

Ni the only dotter of K.Ina Haris yg punya, Husna@Cuna. Cotton ni among my favourite....Very sweet pattern with the most beautiful flower in the world.....What else if its matching with the english style smocking dress.
It costs of QR135 for the age of 7 years.

manik manik

Saja je share with all cyber friends........'bout this hand cuff with full of shining beads. Length 2 1/2in and width 8in. Besar kan? Pada Zu mmg besar n mmg cantik with those shining beads. Kalau kat Malaya agk2 brp rm skli dgn jahit baju???. Dulu masa Zu jahit manik untuk butik dan kedai jahit, Zu charge rm40+ for both hands. Manik saja. Itupun x penuh. N still ada gap everywhere. 
Yang ni sekali dgn upah jahit abaya @ jubah, lengan kembang separuh n fabric quite exclusive exactly QR145@RM165.
Ok tak? I think its very2 OK. Pliz komen.
One more thing, masa pegi kedai abaya ni, Zu bule tengok mcmana diorg jahit, diorg sulam (every kind of sulam yg cantik2), n also have an idea how they sew that pattern of beads very easily. Sometimes, we never think about it....Zu nak try jahit manik kat lengan untuk cotton dress Zu. Try and error. Tak cuba x tahu. 
*#@&* Pening......customer order x siap lagi...arghhhhhhh.....

October 16, 2010

Its really a beginning for a beginner

Using recycle items such as biscuit can like Ina Klot give to me for painting is quite interesting. Its a great challenge to make more experience & practice.And get to know how far is my not so much creativity. Here is the roses that i try hard before to paint.

October 1, 2010

Warming up

After the hectic hari raya ceremony recently,  it's back to my normal life, my painting stories and my sewing progress............

As can be seen above, I has just finished this biscuit can project for Ina Klot. Which is i have 4 more can to be done.....:) That is only after i finished smocking dress for Husna dotter of K.Ina Haris. Thank God, I only take a few days to settle that dress. Now, I'm concentrate in my painting....(hahahahah).(While in my head i have still have to finish many of sewing stuff for my customer).