March 4, 2010

Here comes after all!!

Hello Summer!! (Goodbye Spring..) Yup..with scorching summer sun rising up the temperature to higher than spring before out there (sometimes even higher especially now soon to mid year..) it's a good reason to stay indoor all-day long with the soothing power of 24-hrs aircon, somehow also looks like a turning point to pick up my long-abandoned brushes, paints & woodpieces and now with so many stuff from apartment mate brought to me lately....Eda with her dishes, rack n etc. Ina Klot with all in santa claus plastic. Wanie with coumputer table n small cabinet (wondering how long will she take time...heheh...(let Mat Yus scratch his head)....n others that i cant write all the names here...just with one reason...they're shifting house from Doha to a new house in Al Khor. Here are some items which done in white...just to wait to craetive in paste the serviette...RAZNA & AFFEEN....I WISH U BOTH HERE WITH ME...IM OUT OF IDEA!!!!

March 3, 2010

kod SD 07 Price : RM150/QR150 (SOLD)

kod SD13 Price : RM130/QR130 (SOLD)
Both above items grab by Zu Al Haya (cant recall the full name, sorry). Zu, just to say thanx so much n u wont regret to have our brand in your wardrobe....heheheh.Thanx again to Aishah (its easy n fun to deal with this tokey air soya bean)