January 31, 2010

kod SD10
Price : RM130/QR130 (sold to Nor for Cik Pah)

Also one of my most favourite fabric pattern ever....really english design.

Given & coming besday

Really dont have much time to snap a photo for the complete birthday present for the 2 girls (Cik Pah n Tikah)....By the way the most important thing is nawaitu....nawaitu mesti ikhlas.....Waiting for the mother of these 2 besday girl two send a photo each for the dress....(of course to share with all mum out there). Also done the 2 dress for Ju La Palace dotter...1 for besday n one for delivery...heheh..better late than never. Last but not least, coming besday for one more girl here (Husna - K.Ina Haris dotter)....Insyaallah....done earlier...

January 20, 2010

Birthday present for Ariffah n Atiqah

I will become eager when it comes to kids birthday especially girls....makes me non stop thinking how to make it perfetc(not too) for these two kids of Nor Batman n Su Faizal. So I have to use all my strength (left 60% coz the rest is keep remain as vitamin 'M'...heheh) to make them more presentable like smocking dress as well(confirm not much time left for the real smocking dress) and to make it done ASAP.....Even with some limitation, I try manage to complete the task....Should be by tomorrow or the next day....

January 17, 2010

Kedai Singer Doha

How do u feel if u found sewing machine shop while ur machine was having a problem for a while after looking it for a long n long time?(Not in Msia aa)
Great is it? I cant wait for it.

January 8, 2010

Doha Book Fair 2010

Since came here, I've been looking for kind of my favourite books (bookworm what else) n regret, not even one i found. Finally, there is Doha International Book Fair 2010 n i went there with all positive thoughts that it should be there. I dont smile but with a big grin of course. Theres a lot of it.
If you have been looking for trendy smocking designs that are sure to please older girls, you'll love Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens.

January 7, 2010

SD 15 (Sold to Ju for the little Erney)
Price : RM180 / QR180

This is one of my favourite design, colour n hardest pattern. Goodbye my Powder Puff.