December 29, 2009

Smocking dress for sale

Size : 1 - 2 yrs

Kod SD04
Price : RM150


 kod SD05
Price : RM150

kod SD06
Price : RM150

kod SD 07
Price : 150

kod SD 08
Price : RM150

kod SD 09
Price : 130

Size : 3 - 4yrs

kod SD10
Price : RM130 (sold to Nor for Cik Pah)

kod SD11
Price : RM130(Sold to Aishah Madi Al Haya)

kod SD12
Price : RM130 (Sold to Sharifah Al Haya)

SD 16
Price : RM190

Size : 5 - 6yrs

kod SD13
Price : RM130

kod SD14
Price : RM180

 kod SD15
Price : 180 (Sold to Johana Jusoh)

December 7, 2009

Couple of hours project: Given

I spent a couple of hours last few days making my very important project (gifts to migrate freinds & left aside my smocking project) decoupage two recycle can, and I don't know if these count as luxury, but they sure are nice to see but not broken! coz these are not once broken considered sold ;) Affeen!!Look familiar with this tissue paper???

Something was wrong.....
Look closely. Notice anything different?

After I finished this item and display it on my display cabinet, I found myself looking at it and thinking something wasn't quite right. It looked sad, if that makes any sense to you. Like it was wrong somewhere else. I remembered one of the reasons I liked this project was for the varnish time (becoz for sure it almost done). I've made somethingwrong, supposed to sealer for several times but i did it just once and varnish it for so many times and that for only just once. HUH!! They looked funny to me.) And then I got to thinking what a shame it was that the item look not smooth at all. Practice makes perfect. And already given to Peah & on the way to Mar Che Wan.