September 22, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Thank you for all the best wishes you all wished me for Ramadhan n Eidul fitri. I really appreciated and really touched by all the thoughts for me. All the participants, thank you so much n for ur supportive.
Here I list the names who entered this draw. All the comment in that post I considered it as joined this giveaway. (some of you has been entered 2 times and either 3times). But the most important for me, i have a lot of freinds, a lot

of opinion, a lot of ideas n a lot of everything

Really hard to choose a winner coz there should be 2 winner for in Qatar n out of Qatar so i use

Out of Qatar

  1. Norhafina Liza
  2. razna-creation
  3. kakngah
  4. Suzi
  5. ainaa
  6. mummyseri
  7. isha
  8. maklangazie
  9. Ayu
  10. kak ina kl
  11. asmieyra
  12. princess
  13. k.yah/
  14. De'sal
  15. posh76
  16. posh76
  17. posh76
  18. T.H
  19. nEa FleriDa
  20. MummyMyra
  21. Zai Aziz
  22. Eryati
  23. Eryati
  24. isha
  25. "my heart"- abieyazali
  26. kakyong
  27. Atiqah
  28. ida
  29. Atiqah
  30. wardah
  31. zalsha
  32. zaikulim
  33. sitisifir10
  34. zaikulim
  35. mama Zharfan
  36. mama Zharfan

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In Qatar

  1. Yus
  2. nojie76
  3. peah

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So the winner goes to no.26 (out of qatar). It is kakyong

and no.2 (in Qatar). It is nojie76
Congratulations to the winner....and thanx a lot to the participate...


  1. salam zu, salam aidilfitri dan maaf zahir batin juga utk zu sekeluarga.

    tahniah kepada yg menang!!!

    semoga ukhuwah kita berpanjangan...

  2. salam aidilfitri kak...
    tahniah pd pemenang

  3. tak sangka k.azie menang. Biasanya x lucky...alhamdulillah rezeki. Nanti kena cari baranglah buat side deco ala2 English gitu...